Fitzroy Township Historical Society

Fitzroy Township Historical Society  -  2018 Board of Directors Executive
President           Pat Tait        623-2002
Past President   Terry Currie  839-3439
Secretary           Iva Duncan   832-4516
Treasurer           Betty Dowd   623-4032


The Fitzroy Township Historical Society was formed in 1985. The Society strives to keep the rich pioneer heritage of the Township alive by assembling and recording our history, promoting the conservation of heritage homes and sites, and enhancing the awareness of residents of their township's history.

* A board of 11 Directors meets monthly
* General meetings open to public are held periodically
* A dinner open to the public is held annually
* Published Beyond our Memory, a history of Fitzroy Township, in 1989
* Established a history scholarship at Carleton University in 1991
* Restored the Landon Cemetery (10th Line) and the MacMillan Cemetery (9th Line), 1991-1995
* Erected an historical cairn to Charles Shireff in Fitzroy Harbour, 1993
* Mounted commemorative plaques to those who served in WWI and WWII, 1993
* Published Our Heritage Homes, featuring photographs and historical information for over
   350 homes in the Township, 2001
* In conjunction with the Lorne Sutherland Women's Institute, presented The Kingdon Mine,
    a historical performance remembering the mine at Galetta in story, song and dance, Sept 2004
* Published Above and Below: Remembering Kingdon Mine, September 2004


Our Heritage Homes
This lovely book features colour photos of and historical information about over 350 early homes in Fitzroy Township. An index of more than 1300 past or current owners of the homes is also included.  A perfect gift for anyone with ties to this beautiful part of the country.
A full colour, soft cover book, 247 pp, available for $30.00 per copy plus shipping and handling

Above and Below: Remembering Kingdon Mine
A history of the Kingdon Mine at Galetta, Ont, one of the largest lead mines of its time in Canada. From 1915 until 1931, more then 60 million pounds of lead were extracted from the mine.
A soft cover book, 56 pp, available for $12.00 or copy plus shipping and handling

Beyond our Memory
A history of the founding families, the villages, churches and schools, and the early development of Fitzroy Township. An excellent reference for anyone interested in the history of the Township or the families who lived here.
A hard cover book, 205 pp, available for $25.00 per copy plus shipping and handling.


* Fitzroy Township was named after Sir Charles Fitzroy, Lt. Governor of P.E.I. And son-in-law of the
   Duke of Richmond
* The Township's first settler was Charles Shireff in the winter of 1819-1820 at Fitzroy Harbour
* The Township was surveyed and named in 1822 by Col. Sherwood of Brockville
* Herman Landon built the first grist mill on the Carp River in 1824
* The first school was established at Fitzroy Harbour in 1832
* Some 45 volunteers form the Township served in WW I, and 201 in WW II
* In 1893, local farmers received $4.00/cwt for beef, $20.00/ ton for wheat and oats, $8.00/ton for hay
    and 12 cents /lb for butter
* Fitzroy Township records, moved from Mohr's Corners to Kinburn, were destroyed by fire in 1897
* The first coal oil lamps in the Township were sold at Learmonth's store in Fitzroy Harbour in 1860.