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Hi Everyone,
We had a cozy Country Kitchen cooking session on this month.
We had 7 participants.

Attached are the recipes we prepared...
Alphabet Soup -- If anyone can find gluten free alphabet noodles, please let me know where !
Irish Soda Bread
Cinnamon Apple Quinoa
Black Bean Walnut Fudge (or Brownies)
We also enjoyed nice cold strawberry infused water as a refreshing beverage.

Everything was delicious.

We talked about the benefits of Coconut Oil. We fried our veggies in it for our Alphabet Soup. Try replacing it in your everyday cooking.

We had two new participants this morning. Thanks to 10 year old Grace for doing a wonderful job on the Black Bean Walnut Fudge. Who knew black beans could taste so good !

If anyone is interested in trying the Good Food Box, you can find out more here . It's a wonderful program that is really being enjoyed by folks here in West Carleton.

I hope to see you next time.



Greetings !

We had a wonderful Country Kitchen cooking session on Saturday December 8th.
We had 18 participants.
We prepared 17 tourtieres for St. John's Anglican Church's Christmas Hampers.

Attached are our recipes.

Betty's Tourtiere
Cranberry Nut Cluster
Tourtiere Recipe Courtesy Coralie Bartley.docx Tourtiere Recipe Courtesy Coralie Bartley

A very big Thank You to Coralie Bartley who came from Richmond to show us how to make a fabulous tourtiere.  We really appreciate your talents.

We had some local donations - 10 pounds of ground pork from Hudson's farm, ground beef from Fitzroy Beef Farmers, and $100 cash donation from St. Paul's United Church Carp.
We also had some participants donate veggies and cranberries - thanks Chris and Jim!
It was a real day of giving. 

Natasha from the Good Food Box came to present their program.  Our group will be volunteering to get this program started in West Carleton.  I'll be the site coordinator.  If interested, please email me before January 8th for January delivery.  More details will follow.

Our next Country Kitchen will be on Saturday February 23rd in Kinburn.  Our theme comes to us from Eva's recent trip to South America - 'South American Cooking'.

Thanks to all that are helping to support and enjoy this program.

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy this special time with your loved ones.


Hi Everyone,
We had an informative Country Kitchen cooking session on Saturday October 13th.
We had 13 participants.
Our theme was 'Diabetes'.

Attached our recipes...
Strawberry Instant Breakfast
Rainbow Salad with Thai Dressing
Surprise Quick Quiche
Lunchbox granola bars.

The food was delicious. One thing we noted - the Strawberry Instant Breakfast was in need of a bit of honey or agave nectar, probably due to the taste of the cottage cheese.

Thank you to Eva for a marvelous set up and very informative info session about Diabetes.
Remember - keep moving, limit sugar intake, and watch the waist line.  Embrace a healthy balanced diet which emphasizes vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Out next gathering will be Saturday December 8th at the Fitzroy Harbour Community Center.

Thanks to all that are helping to support and enjoy this program.

I hope to see you next time,


I hope the first week of school has gone well for you and yours!  Today's beautiful weather was a hint that it's not over yet!

We are still awaiting news from the Anglican Church regarding the funding of further cooking sessions. 
In the meantime I've booked in some Classic Country Kitchen Cooking Sessions!

October 13th will be our next cooking session.  We will be at St. Paul's United Church in Carp.
November is a busy month for me as my weekends are booked with local craft fairs with my Pampered Chef & doTerra home based business's.  
Looking ahead to December, I've got our next cooking session booked for December 8th in Fitzroy Harbour.

We should get back on schedule in January.  I'm still awaiting confirmation for these dates in 2013 and will keep you posted.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer.  I look forward to cooking with you all next month.
Take Care,


Hi Everyone,

We had a wonderful Country Kitchen cooking session on Saturday June 9th.
We had 10 participants.
Our theme was Label Reading and Veggie Recipes.

Attached are our recipes...
Rhubarb Spritzer
Broccoli and Red Pepper Stiry Fry
Devilled Eggs
Balsamic Grilled Vegetables
Oatmeal Scones
Grilled Plums with Spiced Walnut Yogurt Sauce.

The food was delicious.  One thing we noticed about the grilled plums - they were a little tart so may need more honey or maple syrup.
Enclosed also is some info on things to avoid in skin care products. 
Eva gave us a demonstration on label reading.

Two of our participants wanted to share their great results from a protein powder that Rosalind Ashe recommended at our March session.  It's called 'Harmonized Vegan Protein Powder by Progressive'.  It is actually known to remove an extra layer of fat, particularly from the stomach and enhance muscle definition.  Rosalind also recommended adding a bit of Hemp and Flax to the shake for added Omega 3 and nutrients.  This was recommended to her by her Naturopath. 
One our our participants is using the knowledge she learned about kale, steaming it for 10 minutes, freezing it in chunks and throwing it into her morning shake! 

And some WONDERFUL NEWS from Julie McKercher our Western Ottawa Resource Centre, Community Developer.  The Country Kitchen has received funding - approx. $3500 !  Thanks so much Julie for all your work to get us these funds.  Julie is still working hard to find partnerships and groups interested in our program and it's future.  We will be meeting to discuss the details of the grant and the future of our program over the summer and will keep you posted. 

We are taking a break for the months of July and August and will get back to our sessions in September.

Thanks to all that are helping to support and enjoy this program.

I wish you all have a wonderful summer.
Hope to see you in September,


Hi Everyone,

We had a wonderful Country Kitchen cooking session on Saturday April 21st.
We had 12 participants.
Our guest speaker was Rosalind Ashe.  She explained what it's like to eat Gluten Free and healthy.  She was fascinating.  A big thank you to Rosalind.  The group really enjoyed your insight.

Attached are our recipes...
Broccoli Winter Slaw
Gluten Free Chickpea Chocolate Cake
Quinoa with Spring Vegetables and Walnut Kale Pesto
Honey Roasted Cinnamon Walnut Butter
and Info on Sea Salt vs Table Salt
Is Sea Salt Better For You Than Table Salt? ...

The food was delicious.  I was most surprised the the Walnut Kale Pesto.  It was so yummy and can be used in many ways.  The Chocolate Cake was also a surprise.  It just tasted like a moist chocolate cake, and so good for you.

Unfortunately I have to cancel our May 19th session we had scheduled at Carp.

We will add this session's topic of Label Reading 101 and Top Foods For Fat Loss to the June 9th session in Kinburn.  The group has been asking for more veggie recipes, so we'll be exploring this topic too. 
We will take a break for July and August and get back to our sessions in September.

Thanks to all that attended our Country Kitchen Cooking Session.

Hope to see you next month,

Hi all,
We had a wonderful Country Kitchen cooking session on March 24th.
We had 14 participants.
Our theme was Anti-Inflammatory foods.  What an interesting topic.

Atached are our recipes...
Ginger Tea
Salmon on a Bed of Lentils
Warm Quinoa Salad with Vinaigrette
Dark Chocolate Bark with Cranberries

Other interesting reading attached is...
Dr. Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid.  Thanks Eva for this website
Kale, the new superfood
Baked Kale Chips - yummy when eaten right away
Cdn Living Anti -Inflammatory Diet info
Anti-Inflammatory grocery list

We also prepared a refreshing green tea smoothie with 1/2 cup cooled green tea, 1/2 cup orange juice, 2 tbsp vanilla low fat yogurt and ice cubes.  Blend that up and enjoy!

Looking ahead to April 21st we are back at Fitzroy Harbour with guest speaker Rosalind Ashe talking about Gluten Free foods.
May 19th we are in Carp talking about Top foods for fat loss, and label reading 101
June 9th we are in Kinburn enjoying Spring Harvest and doing some yoga and relaxation.

Thanks to all that attended our Country Kitchen Cooking Session.

Hope to see you next month,

Anti Inflammatory Grocery List
Baked Kale Chips
Cdn Living The Anti -inflammatory
Dark Chocolate Bark with Cranberries
Ginger Tea Recipe
Kale Info
Salmon on a Bed of Lentils
Warm Quinoa Salad With Orange Blossom Vinaigrette