Exploring Opportunities and Challenges for Developing a New Coordinated Smoking Cessation System in Ontario

The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU) is conducting a study to explore smokers’ patterns of use of the smoking cessation services, service referrals/linkages, as well as experiences and satisfaction with the quality, quantity, and accessibility of the current smoking cessation system

Our study hopes to answer the following questions:

·      What are smokers’ experiences with existing cessation services/programs in Ontario?

·      To what extent are their needs being met as they move through the cessation system?

·      What recommendations do smokers have for improvements in linkages and continuity of care among cessation services?

We are currently recruiting to a web-based survey. Participants in the study must be:

·      Residents of Ontario aged 18 or older;

·      Current smokers who have recently (up to 1 month) been in contact with at least one cessation program/service


Current or former smokers who have previously accessed cessation programs/services within the past 5 years but are not currently engaged with such services

We are recruiting participants until mid-December. Please distribute the attached digital recruitment postcard to your colleagues in cessation. If you would like printed postcards or to discuss the study, please contact the lead investigator, Maritt Kirst, at (416) 978-8137 or maritt.kirst@utoronto.ca.


Thank you! Your support is truly appreciated.